greetChester Mellonius, 4thdegree black belt, was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and at age 9 moved to the Netherlands. In 1988 he began to train with Sir Clark Donald Kessing who is the Grand Master of the Manyang style. Sir Clark Donald Kessing opened the first Manyang school in the Netherlands in 1978 and was subsequently knighted for his work in Silat.

In 1990 Chester became part of the youth demonstration team that performed throughout the Netherlands at Dutch Indonesian gatherings (Pasar Malams). In 1998, at the age of 18, he became the youngest black belt in the history of this style. The same year he also opened his first studio along with his parents Eric and Kay Mellonius in Zaandijk.

In 2000 Chester returned to the United States where he continued his training in Pentjak Silat under Guru Paquito Purugganan Jr., International Pencak Silat Foundation, Pentjak Silat USA/ AnakSerak. Later, by invitation, he began training in AnakSerak taught by Dr. Andre KnustGraichen, Guru Besar (Grand Master) of Pentjak Silat USA/AnakSerak.

In addition to his adult and older children classes, Chester has taught in Europe and at various Bay Area preschools, public elementary schools, and private schools.