stick_stage2Manyang, or Way of the Hornet, is one style of the Indonesian self-defense art called Pentjak Silat.

Pentjak Silat originated in Indonesia over 2000 years ago. Today it is practiced worldwide and has evolved into hundreds of recognized styles. It was brought to America in the 1960s but has not been marketed and commercialized like Karate or Tae Kwon Do. As a result, Pentjak Silat retains a certain exclusivity as an “exotic” combat art, and one about which there are many misconceptions.

In its purest form, the emphasis is on self-defense rather than sparring or competition. While it is often taught as an open hand combat art, it is fundamentally a weapon based system drawing on the tools of the Indonesian peasant farmer including knives and sticks. Do not be deceived by the graceful, fluid movements – the heart of this art is a highly efficient, calculated system to disrupt an attack and quickly incapacitate the opponent.


The San Jose, California area now has numerous opportunities for adults and children wanting to learn Pentjak Silat. Mr.Chester B. Mellonius, a 3rd degree black belt, offers a variety of classes emphasizing the Manyang style as well as other Silat techniques.

chester_action1A program for children ages 7 and older is offered in the Power Bodies Building on Saturday mornings from 11:30am to 12:30pm. The Power Bodies Building is located in the Safeway Shopping Center at 5156 Stevens Creek Blvd, , San Jose, 95129.

In addition, Join us NOW for our Kembang-Lathian Penapasan-Gerak Cepat and Seni-Bela Diri Classes for Women. These Classes are Every Saturday afternoon from: 1pm-2:30pm taugt by Guru Chester. For further information contact Guru Chester Mellonius at info@pentjaksilat.biz.

dd3Adults with a serious commitment are encouraged to register with and purchase the AnakSerak DVD series of Dr. Andre KnustGraichen of Cupertino who is the Grand Master of Pentjak Silat USA/ AnakSerak. His training begins with stick weapon techniques. Visit his site at: www.anakserak.com.